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Expert in tight elevator shafts

We know how to provide efficient solutions to the most complicated projects.

We are your Smart Choice.

MP Lift is an elevator company based in Spain.

It has evolved from a lift parts manufacturer to a complete lift manufacturer and has been in the industry since the 1970s.

Min. 1M x 1M Shaft Size

w/ 675mm x 775mm Elevator Car Size


Users per day

135, 000

Lifts installed worldwide


countries with commercial partners

(Source: MP website,


Designing Smart Mobility Solutions

MP designs smart solutions for the installation, maintenance and modernization of lifts to transport people and loads in buildings or other urban locations.


Moving People

People who enjoy working for a lifting solutions company, customers who enjoy the experience and users who feel safe and comfortable. 


Key Features

100% designed and manufactured in Europe

Flexible direction of door opening. Available for one standard entrance, double 180 degrees entrance or triple entrance. 

Adaptable both inside and outside the building

Wide variety of car interior finishes. We can also customize the look with our UEIC professional interior designer to suit your overall brand, building or home look. 

It can be complemented with MP STRUCTURAL modular structure, which replaces the conventional shaft, providing greater freedom when deciding the location of your lift.

User friendly design for every space 

Highly adaptable to every space and challenging shafts. Flexible car size according to your available space.

Integrated with automatic rescue for user's peace of mind (standard for all MP lift models)

Fast, reliable and stable lift that you are looking for 

24/7 after sales support   

Looking for flexible and efficient elevators?

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