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Condato Prime is the perfect merge between economy and quality. Prime lifts offer platform sizes from 1100-1600 mm, a travel height of up to 15 meters and a solid load capacity of 500kg. Choosing Prime, you will get a solid lift with an innovative and unique construction which makes the installation easier, quicker and at a lower costs.

Condato Prime 3
Condato Prime.png

Product Information


Max Weight


Platform Sizes

W 1400 - 1600 x D 1500 - 1600 mm

Standard Lift Sizes

W 1370 - 1470 x D 1580 - 1680 mm

Pit Depth

50 mm (no pit if with 50 mm high ramp)

Rated Speed

0.15 m/sec

Dimensions may be adjusted according to your specifications.
Feel free to contact us to discuss. 

Travel Height

15 m

Top Height

2.3 m


5 stops

small space but need a lift?

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