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Condato Grande is our most powerful lift and therefore, the perfect choice for public use. It has an amazing load capacity of 1000 kg which makes it easy to lift over 10 people. With its modern look, Grande can easily fit to any type of environment.

Condato Grande 3
Condato Grande.png

Product Information


Max Weight


Platform Sizes

W 1000 - 1400 x D 1500 - 2500 mm

Standard Lift Sizes

W 1100 - 1400 x D 2200 - 2500 mm

Pit Depth

110 mm

Rated Speed

0.15 m/sec

Dimensions may be adjusted according to your specifications.
Feel free to contact us to discuss. 

Travel Height

15 m

Top Height

2.3 m


5 stops

small space but need a lift?

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